Basically Wooden |Jumbo Catan Box


  • 6 Removable Expansion Trays
Jumbo Catan Box
Jumbo Catan Box with tray
Catan box with organiser trays
Jumbo Catan Box Seafarers tray
Jumbo Catan Box Scenarios tray
Jumbo Catan Box Cities & Knights tray
Catan box with organiser trays
Jumbo Catan Box Settlers tray
This is a must for all Settlers of Catan enthusiasts. A large box measuring 440mm wide, 308mm deep and 245mm high. It comes with a hinged lid that is beautifully decorated and etched in a fashion to compliment the Catan theme, of Hexagonal tiles.
The box is constructed from Hardwood faced plywood which has been cut into panels with a multitude of castellated joints, these are all glued together and then coated with water based acrylic varnish creating a beautiful finish.

When the box is opened it reveals six different birch plywood trays with cleverly designed handles that interlock into each other. Each tray sits tight over the one beneath keeping the contents secure.

One tray is home to the first Main Settlers of Catan game, each tray is designed to organise full six player token sets. Four of the other five trays hold the four Catan expansions, Seafarers, Traders and Barbarians, Cities and Knights and Explorers and Pirates. The fifth tray holds all the Rule books and has space for the Catan Scenarios.
Each tray has small removable trays that hold each of the wooden colour player sets.

This all enables a quick set up and break down allowing more Catan playing time - together with a beautiful wooden storage solution to be cherished and enjoyed for many years.

Please contact us if you would like to personalise your box for a small additional charge.
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Jumbo Catan Box
Jumbo Catan Box Traders & Barbarians tray
Catan box with organiser trays