Basically Wooden |Ticket To Ride Box


  • Map box
  • Card tray
  • Top tray
  • Boxes for Trains
Introducing our storage box for Ticket To Ride - this is our biggest storage box for a fabulous game - it will take one base set such as USA or Europe and the map extensions 1 - 5.
Postage costs are for the UK - please contact us for overseas postage costs.
Orders are currently taking a week to process so keep them coming but please be patient!
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Ticket To Ride Storage Box.

This beautiful storage box measures 438mm x 293mm x 146mm which gives plenty of storage space.

Included are the Map Box which measures a generous 272 x 272 x 100mm and will take the Base map plus 5 extension maps. The Map Box features clever cutouts on the side and bottom so you can push the maps out with ease.
Our new map box will now take the longer maps such as Rails and Sails.

There are 6 token / accessory boxes which fit snugly next to the Map Box down one side of the main box giving you plenty of room for your trains.

The Game Cards are neatly stored in a separate tray with engraved dividers showing the numbered expansions. A selection of dividers will be included. This tray measures 272mm x 100mm and lifts out of the main box to enable you to choose the cards you want to play.

Finally, the top tray sits neatly over the top of all the components of the box holding everything neatly in place - this tray measures 422 x 272 x 24mm and can hold the Rule Books, wooden card holders (Asia map accessory), plus the Ticket Cards with an extra slot for additional bits you may want to keep!

The Box is made from our trademark hardwood ply, and given the size of the box, it is strengthened with an additional ply layer.

The finishing touches are an engraved lid and the whole box is sealed with our special varnish.
dividers with names