Basically Wooden | Firefly Collection Box


  • Base game PLUS all current expansions in one box
  • Loot & Tokens box
  • Spaceships box
firefly box showing boards
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Keep flying! Our storage box for Firefly The Game - heaps of space coming your way as our box will take the game and all current expansions!

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Our magnificent storage box for Firefly The Game can store not only the base game, but all the current expansions too!
This Big Box measures 500 x 330 x 195mm.
Open the lid to reveal the Game Boards , together with the Rulebook neatly stacked on top - these are cleverly held in place by the two guides in the top of the lid.
Remove the boards to see all the game components stored neatly in racks and boxes. Take out the Loot & Tokens Box and the Spacecraft Box to see all the expansions and parts stored neatly in removable racks which are engraved with the name of the expansion:
  • Base Game
  • Kalidasa
  • Blue Sun
  • Breakin’ Atmo
  • Pirates & Bounty Hunters
  • Esmeralda
  • Artful Dodger
  • Jetwash

Each rack holds the Ship Cards, Story Cards and decks for each expansion - Supply Decks and Contact Decks are kept separate in clever sections too - can take sleeved or unsleeved cards - your choice!
Simply lift out the rack you want to play and get set to keep flying!
The Loot and Tokens Box measures a neat 315 x 135 x 80mm and contains 2 token trays - one for each side of the Game Board in play - and each tray has 8 sections for all the tokens.
The Loot tray has 4 sections - one for each denomination. All these trays are removable for ease of set up and break down.
The Spacecraft Box measures 315 x 75 x 80mm - and has a section at one end for the Warrant / Goal tokens. Heaps of room for the models!
The top of the box is etched with the words ‘Keep flying’ or can be left plain.
Our box is made from our beautiful 3.6mm hardwood ply and finished off with several coats of varnish to enhance and protect the wood. The whole box is double skinned for strength and features our unique catch and new side handles - designed and made in our Hereford workshop.
Postage is for the UK - please contact us for overseas postage costs.
Firefly box open showing expansions
spacecraft holder box
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firefly box showing expansions plus layout on inside of lid
firefly loot & tokens box
firefly box showing expansions
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firefly blue sun expansion holder