Basically Wooden | Twilight Struggle


  • Simple set up for a great game
  • 2 Player trays
  • All trays and token boxes are removable
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Twilight Struggle is one of those games that entertains, educates and is totally absorbing. Save yourself set up time and get the Struggle going with our new organiser.
All the components and board are stored neatly in the organiser
  • Base Game
  • Turn Zero expansion cards sit neatly in the recess cut into the sides of the trays
  • Promo Decks #1 and #2
  • Promo cards
The organiser is designed to hold sleeved cards.
Each tray lifts out of the main box and the card holder has shallow cutouts to allow you to lift the cards out.
2 player trays hold all the tokens and the central tray contains the dice and universal tokens.
Lift these out to get to the Game Board and rule books plus the additional charts and tables that come with the Turn Zero expansion.
As there is a lot to fit into the box, the lid doesn’t fully close all the way down and there is a gap of approx 7mm.

Game is not included.
Ready assembled organiser now available too!
Postage prices are for the UK - please
contact us for overseas postage costs.
This is a 3rd party accessory for TWILIGHT STRUGGLE - all product names are trademarks of their respective owners which are in no way associated or affiliated with Basically Wooden.
DIY £20 + £3.50 UK P&P


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