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  • Fast set up and break down
Colonists box
The Colonists - a BIG game in so many ways - it’s a long game - it has so many components - it has Eras…and much more!

Our organiser will make setting up and breaking down this game so much easier - why waste valuable playing time?

Open the box to see the boards and books lying flat across the top of the organiser trays - remove these to reveal components tray and the tray for the Embassy and Buildings Tiles - this has 2 lift out handles which also prevent the boards from tilting when packing the box up.

Remove these 2 trays to see the 2nd layer which consists of another components tray for the Stewards tokens and meeples etc. Now remove these to see the 5 trays for Setup and The Eras - this makes play even easier as you are able to select the Era you wish to play.

There is a lot going on in this game but we managed to design a useful and neat organiser which will surely enhance your enjoyment of a great game.

Game is not included.
Ready assembled organiser now available too!
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complete colonist organiser
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DIY £25 + £4 UK P&P

ASSEMBLED £40 + £5 P&P