Basically Wooden | Terra Mystica


  • Base game plus expansion in one box
  • All the card trays and token trays are removable
  • Unique Favour Tiles holder
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Our new Terra Mystica + Fire & Ice Expansion Organiser will speed up set up and break down time giving you more time to play this great game!
Lift the lid and see the Cloth bag and Turn Order board resting on top of the Faction Boards and The Cult Board.
Along one side of the boards is a long narrow tray with the Orange Starter token, Faction tokens, Action tokens, Ice Ring and Shapeshifter Ring, the Victory points tokens and the End Game token.
Underneath the boards and small token tray are all the component trays:
  • 9 Faction coloured tokens - 7 from the original game and 2 Fire & Ice
  • 1 small tray with Town Tiles
  • 1 small box with Bonus Cards
  • 1 tray with slots to hold the 28 oval Favour Tiles - turn the tray over to use the slots and arrange the Favour Tiles
  • 1 large tray for the Scoring Tiles and Final Scoring Tiles, the purple Power tokens, the Terrain tiles, the Workers, the Coins and the Terrain Tiles.
Each set of tokens has its own space and is held neatly in place when the components are packed away. Lift out the final tray to find the Game Board and both Rule Books.
The organiser is designed to fit into the original Terra Mystica Box so there is only space for the Fire & Ice Game Board which replaces the original Game Board.
A game with a lot of components which are now easy to take out and get your game set up - fast!

Please Note: Game is not included.
Ready assembled organiser now available too!
Postage prices are for the UK - please
contact us for overseas postage costs.
This is a 3rd party accessory for TERRA MYSTICA - all product names are trademarks of their respective owners which are in no way associated or affiliated with Basically Wooden.
DIY £25 + £3.50 UK P&P


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