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  • Removable trays and boxes
  • Monster holders
  • Fast & easy setup and break down

Download our ‘HOW IT FITS IN THE BOX’ guide HERE

Gloomhaven organiser
Gloomhaven box
Gloomhaven token trays
Gloomhaven token trays
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Gloomhaven dials
Gloomhaven coin tray
Gloomhaven organiser
Gloomhaven token trays
Gloomhaven monster trays
Gloomhaven card boxes
Gloomhaven card holders
Gloomhaven organiser cards
Gloomhaven scenarios
Gloomhaven minis
Gloomhaven - our biggest organiser so far!
This game has it all - cards, tokens, minis, coins and more.
Take the lid off the box and get ready to play - remove the double sides terrain tiles, Rule books and Campaign book and stickers to see the first 2 token trays - these hold just some of the various tokens used in the game.
Lift out the trays to get to the next layer which holds the lift out Monster trays, plus the coin tray (this will take metal coins too) plus the Character boxes plus minis. The Monster scenario sleeves plus dials are in another separate holder. The sealed envelopes lie neatly on top of the Character boxes where the first 6 are placed at the end of the Character box for easy removal.
Guaranteed to get your game up and running in record time, this organiser makes break down super easy too.
Everything fits into the original box with no lid lift!

Our organiser is flat packed ready for assembly - all you need is a sharp knife, PVA wood glue and a little patience. Simple assembly instructions showing step by step photos with hints and tips.

Game is not included.
Ready assembled organiser now available too!
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Complete Gloomhaven organiser
Gloomhaven organiser
Gloomhaven organiser
Gloomhaven organiser
Gloomhaven organiser
DIY £60 + £8 UK P&P

ASSEMBLED £90.00 + £9 P&P