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Now - something for the hobbyist and DIY’er - a selection of storage and DIY boxes and wooden kits - just the thing to spark your creativity.
Our beautiful hobby houses hide a big secret - lots of storage - whether it’s sewing, painting or modelling, our Hobby Houses can take it all…lift the roof to reveal storage under the eaves, open the front and reveal 6 drawers for all your bits and bobs.
Or how about a lovely wood kit? We have the iconic Land Rover Defender Short Wheel Base and Long Wheel Base - and in keeping with the icon theme, we have the brilliant VW Beetle and VW Combi - these DIY kits come with full assembly instructions and a small bottle of PVA wood glue - all you need to get started!
Fancy having a go at pyrography? Our DIY boxes are perfect for just that - put them together and let your imagination run wild.

These boxes are available as flatpacks ready for you to assemble at home.   
An illustrated guide to assembly is included and we recommend any PVA wood glue such as Evostick.  
These flatpacks are raw wood so you can decorate, paint or varnish... popular with pyrography crafters…
You can have a set of 3 - or mix and match!
 SMALL = 4x4x4 inches / 100x100x100mm
MEDIUM = 5X5X5 inches / 125x125x125mm
LARGE = 6x6x6 inches / 150x150x150mm
flexie flat pack bits
Our Carcassonne Tile Tower Dispenser is now available as a DIY assembly pack - a lovely accessory for your Carcassonne game…
Easy to assemble - we recommend a water based PVA glue and instructions are included - finish it off with a coat of varnish.
Tile tower
Carcassonne Big Box
Carcassonne big box
The Tudor Hobby House is not only good to look at, but useful too!
Beautifully engraved with loads of detail which makes it stand out...

The roof catch is under the front eaves - slide the bolt back and lift the roof to reveal lots of storage - maybe for your sewing bits and bobs - or paint brushes - or even your jewellery...

Lift the catch for the 2 front doors and open them wide to see the 4 small drawers and 2 big drawers all ready for you.  The 4 small drawers measure 7.5cm x 15cm and the 2 big drawers measure 15cm x 15cm.

The Tudor House measures 27.5cm high by 32cm wide by 22cm deep - big enough to take all your bits and bobs - but easily portable too.

The Tudor Hobby House is supplied unvarnished ready for you to varnish or even paint like a traditional Black and White Tudor house…
Carcassonne standard box
carcassonne standard box
This is a wonderful little house - lift the roof - open the doors to reveal drawers and cubby holes ready to take all your little bits and bobs... maybe sewing nicknacks or some of your hobby bits - everyone is sure to find some use for this cute little house! The detail is amazing - engraved windows and doors - the roof is tiled too...every bit of this house is beautifully made with precision laser cutting ensuring a wonderful finish.... Measuring 30cm wide by 28.5cm high and 20cm deep - big enough to take lots of stuff but cute enough to sit on any worktop and look fabulous... The 2 big drawers measure approx 15x15cm and the 4 smaller ones measure 7.5x15cm - lots of storage... Made from 3.5mm plywood - designed and made by us in our Herefordshire workshop - this house is available unvarnished or finished with a red roof and clear varnish on the exterior and on the fronts of the drawers... Go on! you know you love it!

Carcassonne standard box
3.5mm plywood is laser cut and these boxes boast a flexible, living hinge which not only looks good, but ensures a smart finish too. The wooden catch closes neatly and makes sure your goodies don't get lost...
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Wood Kits - something for everyone! Each kit comes flat packed ready for assembly - a small bottle of PVA wood glue is included with each kit so you are set to go!
Precision laser cut and engraved from quality 3mm birch ply, the models come with detailed instructions for assembly.
Land Rover SWB measures approx. 9.5 x 9.5 x 20cm
Land Rover LWB measures approx. 10 x 11x 24.5cm
VW Combi measures approx. 13 x 9.5 x 27cm
VW Beetle measures approx. 10 x 10 x 25cm
The Land Rover is a British icon - sadly, the Defender as we knew it is no longer in production, so these kits make a lovely keepsake of a bygone age.
The VW Combi and Beetle are collectors items too - the Combi boasts a split screen and the Beetle shape is instantly recognisable.
Postage & Packing costs are for the UK - please contact me for overseas postage costs.
All our Carcassonne boxes have been designed exclusively by us and are made from 3.6mm hardwood ply which is laser cut and engraved before being assembled in our Hereford workshop. Each one is given several coats of Valspar varnish which seals and protects the beautiful colour of the wood. Each one will be slightly different depending on the wood available at the time. Designed to be beautiful and functional, we hope our boxes last a lifetime and add to your pleasure of a wonderful game.