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The latest addition to our collection is a beautifully practical storage box for Elder Sign - base game plus all the expansions!

“Ancient cultures crafted a strange symbol to drive off these creatures. They called it The Elder Sign.”

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  • All current expansions
  • Unsleeved cards
  • Token trays + Dice trays
Elder sign box open
Elder sign box open
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The engrave lid of the Elder Sign bo
dividers with names
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Elder Sign Storage Box
This beautiful storage box measures 255 x 110 x 265mm which gives plenty of space for all the latest expansions as well as the base game. This box takes unsleeved cards.
This box enables easy set up and pack up too - not to mention the fact that all the components are neatly stored away.
Open the box to reveal the Rule Book, Entrance Sheet and Clock. Remove these to see loads of room for the tokens used in every game:
  • Clue Tokens
  • Doom Tokens
  • Elder Signs
  • Sanity Tokens
  • Stamina Tokens
  • Investigator Markers
  • Token trays for specific expansions.
  • Dice trays.
Oversized card organiser with engraved dividers:
  • Investigators
  • Ancient Ones
  • Alaskan Adventure
  • Adventure
  • Arkham Adventure
Small card organiser with engraved dividers:
  • Mythos
  • Blessed/Cursed
  • Epic Battle
  • Skill
  • Membership
  • Alaskan Mythos
  • Master Mythos
  • Event
  • Spells
  • Allies
  • Phobia
  • Common Items
  • Unique Items
  • Epitaph
Elder sign trays out box